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However You Want Me for CXCW 2014

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Chris Stalcup & the Grange tour dates


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New CSG Shirts!

New shirts will be available the shows coming up this week. Make sure you get yours!

  • February 2014 shows and stuff

    Stalcup & The Grange will be doing a few shows coming up and it looks like Chase Fifty Six will be putting together some videos for Couch By CouchWest. Come out and support some original music, score the new Chris

  • CS & The Grange @ Eddie’s Attic 7.27.12 8pm

    We will be playing the Poverty is Real benefit at Eddie’s Attic Fri July 27th. It is early early show, we go on at 8:00. Our song “Pawnshop” is on the compilation CD so buy one and all the funds

  • The story behind Dixie Electric Co.

    I was searching for an Airstream trailer for a project I was working on. I have been looking for months and it was down to the wire so I took one last look on Craigslist and a new listing had

  • CS & The Grange @ Red Clay Theater in Duluth 6.23

    We are excited to announce Chris Stalcup & The Grange will be playing at the new Red Clay Theater in Duluth, GA Sat Jun 23rd at 6pm. So if you happen to be nearby come one out – there will